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Zray - X-Rider Epic 12' Inflatable SUP Package (Blue)

Zray - X-Rider Epic 12' Inflatable SUP Package (Blue)

Epic Glide Performance: You can gain much more speed and fun while paddling Extra Stable and Manoeuvrable: 2" wider than X-Rider Deluxe results in enhanced stability and balance, allowing you to walk around and change your position without fear of flipping over Higher Volume & Capacity: You can take an additional passenger/pet or extra cargo on board easily, which is why it's popular with family paddlers and those with furry friends


  • Вид: Дъски и лодки | Надуваеми
  • Тегло: 12.9 KG
  • Дължина: 365 cm
  • Тип: Надуваем SUP
  • Цена закупуване: 788 BGN
  • Модел (година): 2018
  • Закупуване: Петък, 07 Юни 2019
  • Състояние: Нов

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